Valore advies was founded in February 2015 by José Broers:
“ I am a socially responsible entrepreneur. I provide advice, training and process management in clients- and citizensparticipation. In this way I want to contribute to give people a valuable way of life, especially those who are in need of care or in a vulnerable position.”

Valore is the Italian word for value.
Advies is the Dutch word for Advice.
How much is a life worth?
What is of value in one's life?
Every person has his/her own value and values!

To me quality of care and how to really see, hear and listen to the values of clients who need care, is essential. It is not easy, but it is very important. And above all I believe it is important to ensure that the values of the individual client prevails, not the supply of the care professional:

  • look for the potentials of people who require care or need welfare.
  • know what someone considers to be important in his / her life..
  • give a voice to people who require care and welfare.

My work can be characterized as creative and objective and I have a demand and result oriented approach. No standard concepts, but a flexible approach with concrete results, in co-ordination with the wishes of the clients. I offer:
  • Research and advice on substantive issues.
  • Support for developing, describing and transferring new methodologies on clientparticipation.
  • Substantive support to client councils.
  • Courses, training and workshops to client councils, possibly together with the directors and / or employees of the care or municipal organization.
  • (Interim) support of client councils.
  • Process support to give organisations a boost for working from the client perspective

Where it is desirable and possible, I wil co-operate with relevant parties. Valore advies is based in the province of Limburg, near the German- and Belgiumborder. Although every country has it is own way of taking care, I believe it is important to keep exchanging ideas and experiences and to look for the possibilities of giving people a voice in care. Therefore, I will work across borders and offer advice and training on clientparticipation to organisations in neighboring countries.